Mehrnoosh Raoufi, Jun Yang, Xulong Tang, and Youtao Zhang,
EP-ORAM: Efficient NVM-Friendly Path Eviction for Ring ORAM in Hybrid Memory, Design Automation Conference, San Francisco, USA, July 2023.   [pdf]   [slides]   [poster]   

Mehrnoosh Raoufi, Jun Yang, Xulong Tang, and Youtao Zhang,
AB-ORAM: Constructing Adjustable Buckets for Space Reduction in Ring ORAM, IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture, Montreal, QC, Canada, February 2023.   [pdf]   [slides]   

Mehrnoosh Raoufi, Youtao Zhang, and Jun Yang,
IR-ORAM: Path Access Type Based Memory Intensity Reduction for Path-ORAM, IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture, Seoul, SK, April 2022.   [pdf]   [slides]   

Mehrnoosh Raoufi, Quan Deng, Youtao Zhang, and Jun Yang,
PageCmp: Bandwidth Efficient Page Deduplication through In-memory Page Comparison, IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI, Miami, FL, USA, July 2019.   [pdf]   [slides]
Paper Presentation

Feb 16, 2024    QuORAM: A Quorum-Replicated Fault Tolerant ORAM Datastore, USENIX Security'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Dec 1, 2023    Memento: Architectural Support for Ephemeral Memory Management in Serverless Environments, MICRO'23   [pdf]   [slides]
Sep 29, 2023    LAORAM: A Look Ahead ORAM Architecture for Training Large Embedding Tables, ISCA'23   [pdf]   [slides]
Mar 31, 2023    AutoCAT: Reinforcement Learning for Automated Exploration of Cache-Timing Attacks, HPCA'23   [pdf]   [slides]
Jan 20, 2023    täkō: a polymorphic cache hierarchy for general-purpose optimization of data movement, ISCA'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Nov 11, 2022    PageORAM : An Efficient DRAM Page Aware ORAM Strategy, MICRO'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Sep 9, 2022    There's always a bigger fish: a clarifying analysis of a machine-learning-assisted side-channel attack, ISCA'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Aug 19, 2022    SoftVN: efficient memory protection via software-provided version numbers, ISCA'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Jul 8, 2022    PS-ORAM: Efficient Crash Consistency Support for Oblivious RAM on NVM, ISCA'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Jun 3, 2022    SafeGuard: Reducing the Security Risk from Row-Hammer via Low-Cost Integrity Protection, HPCA'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Apr 29, 2022    Effective Mimicry of Belady’s MIN Policy, HPCA'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Mar 18, 2022    TMO: Transparent Memory Offloading in Datacenters, ASPLOS'22   [pdf]   [slides]
Feb 11, 2022    Space Reduction via Adjustable Bucket in Ring ORAM, ONGOING   [slides]
Jan 7, 2022    Trident: Harnessing Architectural Resources for All Page Sizes in x86 Processors, MICRO'21   [pdf]   [slides]
Nov 5, 2021    Pythia: A Customizable Hardware Prefetching Framework Using Online Reinforcement Learning, MICRO'21   [pdf]   [slides]
Oct 1, 2021    An Off-Chip Attack on Hardware Enclaves via the Memory Bus, USENIX'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Sep 3, 2021    When Oblivious is Not: Attacks against OPAM, USENIX'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Aug 13, 2021    BabelFish: Fusing Address Translations for Container, ISCA'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Jul 16, 2021    Ghost Routing to Enable Oblivious Computation on Memory-centric Networks, ISCA'21   [pdf]   [slides]
Jul 2, 2021    ZeRØ: Zero-Overhead Resilient Operation Under Pointer Integrity Attacks, ISCA'21   [pdf]   [slides]
Jun 11, 2021    Elastic Cuckoo Page Tables: Rethinking Virtual Memory Translation for Parallelism, ASPLOS'20   [pdf]   [slides]
May 14, 2021    Streamline Ring ORAM Accesses through Spatial and Temporal Optimization, HPCA'21   [pdf]   [slides]
Apr 2, 2021    H2ORAM: Low Response Latency Optimized ORAM for Hybrid Memory Systems, ICCD'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Mar 12, 2021    Leaking Information Through Cache LRU States, HPCA'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Feb 19, 2021    Learning-based Memory Allocation for C++ Server Workloads, ASPLOS'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Jan 29, 2021    Visor: Privacy-Preserving Video Analytics as a Cloud Service, USENIX'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Dec 18, 2020    Imbalance-Aware Scheduler for Fast and Secure Ring ORAM Data Retrieval, ICCD'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Nov 6, 2020    CHiRP: Control-Flow History Reuse Prediction, MICRO'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Oct 9, 2020    Classifying Memory Access Patterns for Prefetching, ASPLOS'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Sep 11, 2020    Livia: Data-Centric Computing Throughout the Memory Hierarchy, ASPLOS'20   [pdf]   [slides]
Feb 7, 2020    Speculative Taint Tracking (STT): A Comprehensive Protection for Speculatively Accessed Data, MICRO'19   [pdf]   [slides]
Dec 13, 2019    SMASH: Co-designing Software Compression and Hardware-Accelerated Indexing for Efficient Sparse Matrix Operations, MICRO'19   [pdf]   [slides]
Oct 18, 2019    DSPatch: Dual Spatial Pattern Prefetcher, MICRO'19   [pdf]   [slides]
Sep 6, 2019    ρ : Relaxed Hierarchical ORAM, ASPLOS'19   [pdf]   [slides]
Apr 19, 2019    Shadow Block: Accelerating ORAM Accesses with Data Duplication, MICRO'18   [pdf]   [slides]
Feb 22, 2019    D-RaNGe: Using Commodity DRAM Devices to Generate True Random Numbers with Low Latency and High Throughput, HPCA'19   [pdf]   [slides]
Oct 5, 2018    Nonblocking Memory Refresh, ISCA'18   [pdf]   [slides]
Jun 1, 2018    Google Workloads for Consumer Devices: Mitigating Data Movement Bottlenecks, ASPLOS'18   [pdf]   [slides]