University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Aug. 2017 - present

University of Tehran
Tehran, Iran
B.S. in Computer Hardware Engineering
Sep. 2012 - Feb. 2017

Farzanegan High School
Tehran, Iran
(National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents; NODET)
Diploma in Mathematics and Physics Discipline
Sep. 2008 – Jun. 2012
Research Experiences

Independent Study, University of Pittsburgh
Processing in-memory, Oblivious RAM.
Spring 2018 – present

Intern at Multicore Systems and NoC Lab, University of Tehran
Studied different cluster managers such as Condor and Torque.
Summer 2015
Notable Projects

Research Projects, University of Pittsburgh:
ORAM Implementation    Research 
Fall 2019
Implemented Oblivious RAM using C in USIMM simulator.

Course Final Projects, University of Pittsburgh:
Mini Google    Operating System 
Fall 2018
Implemented a distributed indexer and search engine using Java.
Frogger Game Agent    Artificial Intelligence 
Fall 2018
Implemented a solver agent for Frogger game using Q-learning technique in Python.
Tomasulo Processor    Computer Architecture 
Fall 2017
Implemented an out-of-order execution processor based on Tomasulo's algorithm using SST simulator.

Course Final Projects, University of Tehran:
Stock Market Application    Internet Engineering 
Spring 2016
Implemented a web-based application using Tomcat and AngularJS.
Motion Detector    Parallel Processing 
Fall 2015
Obtained high speed-up using SIMD instructions of intel.
SLAM Project    Rapid Prototyping 
Fall 2015
Implemented using ultrasonic sensors on Arduino board of a robot.
Concise Pipelined MIPS Processor    Computer Architecture Lab 
Fall 2015
Implemented in Verilog, synthesized on Altera DE0 Board.
Step Counter    Interface Circuits 
Spring 2015
Implemented on PCB, provided USB connection to interact with a PC application.
Simple Router    Computer Aided Design 
Fall 2014
Implemented in VHDL, simulated using ModelSim.
COOL Compiler Project    Compilers Design and Construction 
Fall 2014
Implemented in Java, syntax and semantic analysis.
Digital Oscilloscope    Digital Logic Design Lab 
Fall 2014
Implemented VGA Controller, ADC, etc. synthesized on Altera DE2 Board.
Digital Piano     Microprocessor 
Spring 2014
Implemented using AVR and SD card, to play, record and replay songs.
Social Network     Data Structure 
Fall 2013
B+ tree, graph partitioning and influence detector implemented in Java.

Fellowship Position, University of Pittsburgh
Admitted for a PhD fellowship position in computer science.
Fall 2017

Overall GPA, University of Tehran
Ranked 4 th among 25 computer hardware engineering students.
2012 - 2017

National University Entrance Exam
Ranked 671 st among more than 260,000 participants.
Aug. 2012

NODET Entrance Exam
Accepted in NODET’s middle school and high school.
2005, 2008
Teaching Experiences

Teaching Assistant, University of Tehran
Hardware/Software Codesign
Fall 2016
Instructor: Dr. M. Salehi
Computer Architecture
Spring 2016
Instructor: Dr. S. Safari
Electronic Circuits
Spring 2016
Instructor: Dr. A. Sadr
Computer Aided Design
Fall 2015
Instructor: Dr. M. Modarressi
Digital Logic Design Lab
Fall 2015
Instructor: Dr. Z. Navabi

Hardware Description Languages
Verilog(expert), VHDL, SystemC
Programming Languages
C/C++(expert), Java(expert), Python
CAD Tools
ModelSim-Altera, Quartus, CodeVision AVR, Altium Designer, Synopsys Hspice
Programming Tools
IntelliJ, Git, VIM
Operating Systems
Windows, Linux

Fluent (TOEFL iBT: 103)